G&DRR Photo Tour - Part 1

The following is a Photo Tour of the present status of the G&D RR operating layout/diorama (not yet completed).  As construction progresses this tour will be updated periodically.

Figure 1.  Narrow Gauge Engine House at South end of Gryme Business District at the foot of Twin Peaks area (looking south).




                Figure 2.  Narrow Gauge Engine House & Repair Facility at the foot of Twin Peaks area (looking east).



                Figure 3.  South End of Gryme Business District at the foot of the Twin Peaks area.


Figure 4.  FSM Coaling Tower & FSM Sand House at Gryme Junction.  The Coaling Tower was kit-bashed from a FSM model and also the Sand house.  Behind and to the right of the Coaling Tower is the Gryme Overpass with the Straining Beam Truss Bridge.   Very little scenery and landscaping is finished in this view.

Figure 5.  The Gryme Overpass area with the early installation of the Straining Beam Truss Bridge


Figure 6.  The Twin Peaks Curved Trestle and Straight Trestle Bridges above the future Taylor Lake with The Gryme Overpass in the Foreground.  The red arches and stone retaining wall at the far left are in progress of construction.

Figure 7.  Close-up of the Shay Locomotive I built from and MDC Kit with details added.

Figure 8.  A close-up Photo of the Curved Trestle (Scratch Built from prototype photos & plans using 1/87th Scale lumber).

Figure 9.  The photo on the left shows the start of scenery with ballast on the track work.

At the upper right can be seen the foundation for the Narrow Gauge Engine House shown previously in Figures 1 and 2.

On the left is the South end of the Gryme Pass Retraining Wall.








Figure 10.  Gryme Overpass Track Gang Crew at the North end of the Retaining Wall & Pete Pegleg Superintedent.

Figure 11.  Gryme Overpass track Gang Work Shed and Equipment Shed at the South end of the Retaining Wall.

Figure 12.  West side of Twin Peaks area with some initial scenery & homes.  At upper left is Roadway Bridge No.1.  At the top is the start of Twin Peaks Mine No 1 shown completed in Figure 14.

Figure 13.   Roadway Bridge No. 1 (scratch built from Prototype photos & plans) and one of the Twin Peaks homes.

Figure  14.  Twin Peaks Mine No.1 with Ore Slide from Mine to the Ore Bin.  This total scene was scratch built from prototype photos & plans using board-on-board 1/87th scale lumber.  The area is the West side of Twin Peaks, looking East.





Figure 15.   Some Residences in the Twin Peaks area, mostly mine workers’ homes.  Looking NorthEast.

Figure 16. Another view of Twin Peaks miners’ homes, looking due North.  At the bottom right is the Twin Peaks Mining and Milling Co. (Twin Peaks Mine No. 2)

Figure 2.  Twin Peaks Mining & Milling Co. (twin peaks Mine No.2) and Twin peaks Junction at the right.  Twin peaks Junction is one of the major narrow gauge servicing facilities for the Gryme & Dylapidaytid Narrow Gauge Railroad.  This area is the extreme South end of the entire diorama/layout.


The updated photo tour of the G & G RR Diorama &Twin Peaks area is continued on part 2, File; “2012 G&DRR Photo Tour–PART 2.doc”.